Six Pack Abs - Abdominal Etching Surgery

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A washboard stomach can be extremely difficult to achieve, since even well-conditioned muscles can be hidden by a thin layer of fat. Abdominal etching surgery is a safe way to give the abs more definition. The plastic surgery procedure accentuates the existing muscle by removing fat, producing the highly coveted "six-pack" appearance.

Abdominal etching is popular among men who desire a more cut and defined look.

Procedure :-

During the procedure, several small incisions are made in the naval or the natural creases of the abdomen, where they are inconspicuous. A cannula, or a flexible tube, is then inserted through the incisions to sculpt the abs by removing excess fat along the lines of the patient's abdominal muscles. The four or five remaining scars are very small - only about an eighth or a quarter inch in length.

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