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Product Introduction: Polyferric sulfate is light yellow amorphous solid powder, easily soluble in water, 10% (weight) aqueous solution is a reddish brown transparent solution, hygroscopicity. Purification of polymeric ferric sulfate is widely used in drinking water, industrial water, industrial wastewater, sewage and sludge dewatering of the city. Color appearance: The water solution is reddish brown transparent solution. Technical indicators: GB15892-2009. Application Features: 1. New type, high quality and efficient molysite type of inorganic polymer flocculant; 2. Excellent performance of coagulation, compact alum and fast sedimentation rate; 3. Good water purification effect, good water quality, non aluminum, chlorine and heavy metal ions and other harmful substances. Non-toxic, harmless, safe and reliable; 4. Significant effect in turbidity removal, decoloring, oil removal, dehydration, sterilization, deodorization, algae removal, removal of COD, BOD and heavy metal ion etc; 5. PH range is 4-11, and the optimum PH range is 6-9. After purification, the rangeability of PH value and total alkalinity are small; 6. Remarkable purification effect to micro pollution, algae water, low temperature and low turbidity raw water, especially useful for high turbidity raw water;
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