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Semi Dedicated SMTP Mail Server
Need a VPS email blast server? MMS’s VPS /Semi Dedicated SMTP Mail Servers comes with your own 2 dedicated IP address and a powerful bulk email list management tool with tracking and HTML editing software. If you’re ready to start using your own VPS email blast server that enjoys the performance of dedicated servers, MMS’s email blast server is your perfect solution.
While there are benefits of using a service provider or shared web hosting for your email blast server needs, using a VPS eliminates the need for your own computer for sending email blasts.
Our email blast server is proven on multiple marketing platforms and will send email blasts for you at minimal expenses. All you need to do is create a good message in the preferred format – as an attachment, URL, HTML, or plain text. MMS’s VPS email blast server comes with dedicated storage space, ram and bandwidths well as VPS hosting allows us to configure PHP and Send Mail; our clients are able to send up to 20000 to 100,000 emails a day per server. Whether its newsletters, publicity lists, or notifications, our highly reputable VPS email blast server will make sure it gets delivered to any amount of subscribers.
24×7 Monitoring
MMS monitors hardware and software on our dedicated servers 24×7. Hardware monitoring tracks CPU usage, RAM utilization, disk space and system load. If we detect a potential issue, we quickly replace the hardware with new component(s). On the software side, we watch server load, MySQL functionality, mail status and web server status. If an application does not respond properly, it is automatically restarted and a technician is notified.
Performance Monitoring
From your control panel, you can easily access and review your server’s performance including CPU usage, system load, and bandwidth usage and mail traffic. We routinely monitor server charts to help determine when machines are overloaded or underutilized.
Managed Security
Security is a foremost concern as we strive to provide as secure hosting platform as possible. Our engineers ensure that both the software and operating system used on your server are kept up to date and that all security patches are applied in a timely manner.

Dedicated Server Plan D
Core i7 Quad Core w/HT 8 Cores
• Operating System: CentOS 32
• IP: 5 Dedicated
• Bandwidth: 5000 GB/Monthly Standard
• Port: 100bps
• Reboot: Free on request
• Support 24/7 $800.00 USD Monthly

Dedicated Server Plan E
AMD Athlon II Quad-Core 4x 2.3 GHz
• Operating System: CentOS 64
• RAM: 16GB DDR2
• HDD 2x1500GB SATA
• IP: 2 Dedicated
• Bandwidth: Unlimited GB/Monthly Standard
• Port: 100bps
• Reboot: Free on request
• Support 24/7 $1000.00 USD Monthly

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