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Amazon Web Services AWS Realtime Online Training From India | USA | UK | CANADA

Amazon Web Services Course Agenda (we can customize the course content as per your requirement)

• Introduction to Cloud Computing
• Introduction to AWS
• Elastic Compute Cloud
• Virtual Private Cloud
• Simple Storage Service
• Elastic Block Store
• Elastic File System
• Elastic Load Balancer
• Relational Database Service
• Identity and Access Management
• Route53
• Cloud Watch and Simple Notification Service
• AWS Cloud Formation

• Auto Scaling and Launch Configuration
• AWS DynamoDB Overview
• AWS Calculator
• AWS Cloudtrail
• AWS Security Advisor
• Architecting on AWS Demo
• AWS Solution Architect certification walkthrough

• Introduction to Cloud Computing
o What is Cloud Computing
o Deployment models of Cloud Computing
o Service Models of Cloud Computing
o Benefits of Cloud Computing

• Introduction to AWS
o Short history of AWS
o AWS platform with Core services
o Overview of AWS certifications

• Elastic Compute Cloud
o On Demand, Spot and Reserved instances
o Launching Linux and Windows EC2 instance
o Setting up the security groups
o Private IP, Public IP, Elastic IP
o Logging into instances Linux and Windows
o Creating AMI, Copying AMI
o Tagging EC2 instances, Bootstrapping

• Virtual Private Cloud
o Using VPC wizard, setup different network types
o Creating new VPC
o Managing NACL and Security groups
o Public and private subnets
o Route tables, IGW

• Simple Storage Service
o Managing S3 buckets
o Adding objects to buckets
o Uses of S3 storage
o Permissions of S3
o Versioning and Life cycles in S3
o Data archiving and backups in Glacier

• Elastic Block Store
o Creating and Deleting Volumes
o Attaching and detaching volumes
o Creating snapshots
o Increasing volume size
o Mounting and un-mounting volumes

• Elastic Load Balancer
o Creating load balancer
o Internal and external load balancer
o Load balancing Protocols
o Configuring health check
o Attaching instances to load balancer
o Troubleshooting “Out of Service”

• Relational Database Service
o Creating and managing RDS instances
o Connecting to RDS instances
o Creating and restoring snapshots
o RDS security groups, parameter groups, Subnet groups
o What is Multi-AZ

• Identity and Access Management
o Creating users in IAM
o Setting up MFA
o Creating groups, policies and roles
o Access keys and secret keys
o Delegation of permissions to users
o Policy simulator

• AWS Route53
o Managing hosted zones
o Creating record sets
o Types of routing policies
o Creating health checks

• Cloud Watch and Simple Notification Service
o Monitoring AWS service health dashboard
o Different services under cloud watch and there metrics
o Setting up notifications
o Creation of topics
o Subscribing to topics
o Setting notification for EC2

• AWS auto scaling
o Configuring Launch configuration
o Configuring auto scaling policies
o Using auto scaling with Load balancer
o Knowing elasticity, scalability, HA, DR concepts

• Demo – Architecting on AWS
o Short live demo of how to architect on AWS using its different services

• AWS CloudFormation
o Creating template, knowing its basic building blocks
o Executing stack

• AWS CloudTrail
o Understanding API call logs and monitoring

• AWS Calculator
• Estimating the monthly cost using calculator

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