Available F1, F2 Savannah and serval, caracal and Ocelot kittens
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We have well-behaved species of Serval, caracal and savannah and Ocelot kittens for sale in our house. They are very healthy, vaccinated, highly socialized, bottle fed, raised house and will come with all toys and papers. Reply for more information (dub...
Adorable and Gorgeous exotic Kittens
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We have beautiful and adorable savannah,servals,ocelot and bengals kitten litter trained, vaccinated, health checked, health guaranteed complete with pedigree and micro chipped. Lovely temperaments, please contact me for more information
Keel Billed Toucan – 1 yr – Extremely Tame.
Pets / Birds for Sale · Umm al-Quwain
Keel billed toucan 1 year old for sale. This baby toucan is very sweet and tame and loves papayas. Tame Toucan for and untamed 1 year old Keel-Billed Toucans available. Pls contact us for more information. [email protected] http://araba...
Tame, healthy, well trained parrots, amazons and cockatoos for sale
Pets / Birds for Sale · Abu Dhabi
We are specialized in the breeding of birds/parrots and we sell very fertile candle lit eggs of all species of parrots. All our eggs are collected from very healthy birds in our aviary, candle tested and 100% confirmed fertile for hatching healthy babies ...
Tame African greys, cockatoos, and amazon birds and eggs For Sale
Pets / Birds for Sale · Abu Dhabi
African grey parrots, cockatoo parrots,blue and gold macaw ,citron cockatoo,jumbo brown coturnix quail and fertile fresh eggs,parakeets,macaw, Congo African grey eggs, timneh grey eggs, umbrella cockatoo birds and eggs, palm cockatoo birds and eggs, ...
Top Quality Pet Parrot Birds on sale
Pets / Birds for Sale · Abu Dhabi
Botanic Garden Aviary has become a paradise for exotic birds mostly parrot’s species which are fast becoming pet companions of most families. We took time to captive rear different species of parrot birds back at the Botanic Garden as a proper means o...
African Congo Grey Red Tail Male 6 Month old on Sale
Pets / Birds for Sale · Al-Fujayrah
Maximus as this 6 months old African Congo grey is called by its trainer back at the Congo Basin Reserve. We are offering this young grey with its full package , a free cage, feed, permit and few toys, free delivery for those within the UAE, USA and Europ...
 African Congo Grey Breeder Pairs
Pets / Birds for Sale · Al-Ayn
The Congo basin is a paradise for African Congo Grey which made us to have many proven breeder pairs which give fertile eggs for hatching. We have 15 **** pairs of African congo greys which clutch fertile eggs each season. We want to offer few of the br...
African Congo Grey Parrot Fertile Eggs on sale
Pets / Birds for Sale · Ajman
Back at the Congo Basin Aviary we collect about 4 fresh fertile African Congo Grey parrot eggs each day from the Clutches the breeder pairs we have back at the Basin. We DNA test and candle light test all fertile collected before incubation for transpor...
High Quality Pet African Congo Grey Parrots
Pets / Birds for Sale · Abu Dhabi
We pride ourselves with the successful captive rearing of the highest top quality of African Congo grey birds as life time pet companions throughout the Congo basin African and the world. We have a reputation for the exportation of very healthy vaccinated...
Well trained adorable pair of Africa Grey parrots DNA tested
Pets / Pets for Sale · Dubai
A Pair of Talking African Grey Parrots.will come with huge cage, parrot play stand, food and water dishes, food, and toys. I just want them to go to a good home experienced with large birds. They are very tame, easy to handle. Good in talks, whistles, mim...
lovely chihuahua puppies
Pets / Pets for Sale · Dubai
cute chihuahua puppies available for new home . So gentle and affectionate.i have 2 male and 3 female left out of a litter of 8. This is a great breed for families with children.
Arab Afro Exotic  Pet Parrots Available on Sale
Pets / Birds for Sale · Ajman
We run an Aviary, UAE and Sub-Sahara Africa, quiet large with a rich variety of exotic birds hand breaded with proven breeding pairs for mostly our exotic parrots. We have babies, young and **** exotic parrots which are trained by our pet experts back...
 Fertile Parrot Eggs Species For Hatching
Pets / Birds for Sale · Abu Dhabi
We now have the freshest hatching species of parrot eggs for sale. We only sell quality parrot eggs and we collect fertile hatching eggs 2-3 times per day and will ship them within 24 hours of collection whenever possible. Bellow is what we have availab...
Purebred Tiny Yorkie Puppies
Pets / Pets for Sale · Al-Ayn
Purebred Tiny Yorkie Puppies Purebred tiny teacup Yorkie puppies. Have you been thinking about a new puppy for yourself or your family? Well this is your opportunity to get it! My puppies will makes a perfect companion to you and your entire family.
Gorgeous English Bulldog puppies available
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Gorgeous English Bulldog puppies available We had a litter of English Bulldog born May 22nd. There were 2 males and 1 females. We have 1 males available still. They are
Affordable Teacup pomeranian Puppies Available
Pets / Pets for Sale · Ajman
male and female teacup pomeranian puppies,home and potty trained with good temporaments social to humans and also other home pets, one year us on
Awesome Siberian Husky Puppis for Adoption Do Email Me At
Pets / Pets for Sale · Abu Dhabi
Awesome Siberian Husky Puppis for Adoption Do Email Me At [email protected] Two Blue Eyes Siberian Husky Puppies ready for adoption. They will come vet checked, dewormed & first sets of shots.We currently have available 1female 1 male! These pu...
Kimbi Parrots Game Reserve Resort
Pets / Pets for Sale · Dubai
The Kimbi Game Reserve is a safe heaven for over 250 different parrot birds species. Its became a resort and reserve for these birds since the rich bio-diversity and favorable climatic conditions of the Equatorial rain forest made it very conducive for th...
Tame Blue and Gold Macaw Pair Breeders
Pets / Pets for Sale · Dubai
Tame Blue and Gold Macaw Pair Breeders Gorgeous pair of tame blue and gold macaws. 4 yrs old, talk a little, will live in aviary or inside, will be happy which ever. DNA tested,rung,micro chipped. Contact the Reserve for more information about this p...
 Yellow Nape Amazon Parrot Babies for sale.
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All our Yellow nape amazon babies we breed are guaranteed to be healthy at the time of purchase. It is suggested that the baby is seen by an avian vet within 72 hours of receipt. The baby is guaranteed against any life threatening, permanent, or congenita...
newborn Labrador puppies
Pets / Pets for Sale · Abu Dhabi
pure breed/ bloodline Available for Reservation You’re welcome to visit official FB
Energetic Blue eye Siberian husky puppies.
Pets / Pets for Sale
We have 3 healthy husky pups available for a new home. First vaccination and micro chipped. both have excellent pedigrees and superb temperaments. Pups come with 15kg sack of dog food, toys, treats, bowls, lead, collar, first vaccination, micro chippe...
Pets / Pets for Sale · Abu Dhabi
When it comes to the sales and exportation of parrot eggs, Arabia Afro Bird Farm Net has it all. We have very fresh parrot eggs collected 2 days ago, all eggs kept in an incubator so as to make sure fertility stands , we have been selling parrot eggs fo...
Breeders of Macaw Parrots species for sale
Pets / Pets for Sale · Abu Dhabi
We are breeders of macaw parrot species that we transform into loving pet birds. Below is the list of macaw species we breed and ship worldwide. Blue and Gold Macaws Catalina Macaws Scarlet Macaws Hyacinths Macaws Capri Macaws Harlequin Macaws ...
capuchin / marmoset / lamur monkeys UAE/KUWAIT
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Young trained baby moneys [ marmoset or capuchins ] Pairs of Baby Marmoset and Capuchin monkeys Capuchin , marmoset , lamur, squirel and other monkeys we have females and a males baby capuchin , marmoset , lamur monkeys and other small animals r...