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Chinese School in China about HSK preparation course

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New HSK Chinese proficiency test is a test series of the first non-Chinese language HSK examination. It examined candidates in school or in work environments, such as governmental departments, enterprises and other institutions using Chinese for communica...

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How to study mandarin during the enjoy daily

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Illustration of the brand`s images, propagation of Chinese culture Chinese Mandarin Garden`s successful participation in the 7th Shanghai Expat show The golden wind shall bring luck and everyone shares the harmony.September 6 ~ 8, the 7th Shanghai exhi...

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Learn Chinese in Shanghai feeling chinese culture

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Wrapping dumpling, eating moon cakes, Chinese teachers and students in Tokyo Mid-Autumn festival celebration news announcements Wrapping dumpling, eating moon cakes , Chinese teachers in Tokio and students joyful celebration of the Mid-Autumn festival &...

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