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Chinese learning can't less is learning Chinese characters, which is different from the foreign language, Chinese writing is a combination of "form, sound and meaning". Do you think Chinese characters is abstruse? Yes, this is the product of Chinese civilization in thousands. There are techniques and methods, and then to master the methods and rules any difficult things will become very simple. Mandaringarden Chinese language school with this method and will teach you how to learn Chinese.
Intensive course
Intensive course aims to teach learners how to learn Chinese and improve their Chinese level in a short time, helping those people overseas who want to get further study in China universities or colleges or add chances to develop their careers.
Course Advantages:
The starting time is flexible.
The contents are focused on listening, speaking , reading and writing. The teaching methods will include pictures, culture exchanges and role-play exercises which mimic daily life.
A study evaluation report will be offered after each 20 lessons or every 2 months.
Culture activities are offered during the course period.
Making a good Chinese friend will really boost your Speaking ability.One of the best ways to learn something is to learn from your mistakes. Speak Chinese with everybody and despites of all the mistakes and grammatical errors you’ll make, Chinese will always be ready to help you especially your fellow students on campus. Mandaringarden also have free language exchange corner, you can meet many Chinese partner here, they’d like to practice English with you very much.
In addition,our school hold summer camp from June to August.At June,the second phase is Finding Nemo.We have Practical Chinese class in the morning,and at afternoon,we have Listening class、Characters class and String Beads class、Tea Ceremony class and Chinese Painting class.
We also will take the children to visit Jingan Park(singing on the lawn,play in the recreation area,make the picture with leaves) and The Bund(Take a walk arround,learn to paint the river and ships,share the experience for the first time to the bund).
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