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FLAT SALE PRICES! Rolls roller Flatbed Applicator at
For Sale / Business - Industrial · Hawaii National Park
The ROLLSROLLER™ Flatbed Applicator enables a single person to apply all types of self-adhesive vinyl, applicator film and protective laminate in just a few minutes. It gives you complete control over positioning and produces results that are free f...
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Cryo Shipper | Princeton cryo for biotech company
For Sale / Business - Industrial · Hawai
MVE Cryo Vapor Shippers are designed for the safe transportation of biological samples at cryogenic (-150°C or colder) temperatures. • Protective shipping carton to ensure upright shipping • Low liquid nitrogen consumption • Convenient lightwei...
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MVE Dura-Cyl Cylinders - Medium Pressure (150 psi) for biotech companies
For Sale / Business - Industrial
Chart’s Dura-Cyl® product is a low, medium or high pressure liquid nitrogen cylinder (22-350 psig/15.9-24.1 bar). The Dura-Cyl liquid nitrogen cylinder provides the longest holding time, lowest evaporation rate, highest gas-withdrawal rate and best lif...
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Deltana CYLL Lock Cylinder for Home Series Levers
For Sale / Business - Industrial · Honolulu
Deltana is the architectural hardware manufacturer with a proven record for exceptional service and quality. Deltana inventories the country’s largest selection of architectural; lighting; and door hardware in several stunning finishes made from many so...
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