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Best Training on Microsoft Business Intelligence - SSIS @ SQL School - India

SQL School provides Interactive and Practical LIVE Online Trainings on T-SQL, SQL DBA and MSBI (SSIS, SSAS, SSRS). All sessions are completely PRACTICAL. Course Highlights for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) Online Training: • Database Engine Limitations and Need for MSBI Process • Configuring SSIS Catalog Database • Introduction to SSIS Work flow Environment • Control Flow and Data Flow Operations • Custom Scripting and Data Import Techniques • Need for Data warehouses and Design • ETL with non-SQL Server sources • SSIS Expressions and Advanced Control Flow • Variable Usage & Configurations • Transactions and Isolation Levels in SSIS • Advanced SSIS Controls • Variables and Configurations • Custom Components and Profiling • Package Configurations & Deployment • SSIS Utilities and WMI Controls • Scheduling SSIS Packages • SSIS Security and Management • Fast Load and Performance Tuning Options • Buffer Sizing, Dump Files and TDS Sizing • SSIS Isolation Levels and Transaction Options • SSIS Checkpoint Files & SSIS Logging • Type I, Type II and Type III SCD implementation in SSIS • SSIS CHECKSUM Transformation • Error Handling and Event Handling • SSIS Package Parameters and Configurations • WMI Events and Use in SSIS • Migrating SSIS 2005 Packages to 2008 R2 and SSIS 2012 • Package Backups and Version Coding • Managing MSDB Packages and Monitoring • ISPAC Files and Package Conversions • Package Deployment & Management • SSIS Catalog DB and Management • SSIS Package Reports and ISPAC Files Security • MSDB and SSIS Catalog Security Enforcement • SSIS Server Health and Auditing • A Real world Scenario Duration: 3 weeks, every day for 1.5 hours and all sessions are completely practical. One Real-time Project included in the course, with 24x7 LIVE Server (Online Lab) for practice. For free Demo and further training details, please contact us or visit: We also provide SSAS and SSRS LIVE Online Trainings along with Real Time Case Studies. For free Demo and further training details, please contact us. ALL OUR SESSIONS ARE COMPLETELY PRACTICAL & REALTIME Contact us today for best practical online training on BI (SSIS) @ sql school For free SSIS ONLINE Demo, please visit : SQL School Training Institute *E Mail :* Schedules for Best practical Online Training on BI (SSIS) @ SQL School : *India:* Office : +91 (0) 40 64577244 Mobile : +91 (0) 9666440801 USA: Office: +1 (510) 400-4845 Address: 108/2RT, Road No 1, SR Nagar, Land Mark : Beside Bus Stop, Hyderabad, India.
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