Delivery valve A D/V 131110-4320 A24

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Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd

Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd -We are a Professional manufacturer of Diesel Fuel Injection Parts, Such as Nozzle, Plunger & Barrel, and Delivery Valve and so on. All the products are gone through serious and strict quality control process, and have already exported to various countries of all over the world Our excellent Quality has been performance in various kind of reputation brand ---BOSCH, ZEXEL, DENSO, Delphi and so on. The price is good, the delivery is quick, the service is good, good service or help is free.

We are committed to providing the highest quality parts at the lowest price. Below are the unit quotations of some parts as your reference:
Rotor Head 3-6cyl:USD25-40/pc
Element & plunger A, AD, P, B USD3-5pc
Element & plunger MW.P7100, Ep9 USD8-20/pc
Pencil nozzle 27333, 8N7005 USD12-40/pc
Nozzle (all types) USD3-5/pc
Delivery valve USD1.5-3/pc

Best regards!

Tel:+86-594-3603380 Fax:+86-594-3603560 Contact name:Ms Guo

Delivery valve A D/V:
CHJ No. ZEXEL No. Stamping No.
CZ-Z110-0320 131110-0320 50S5
CZ-Z110-0520 131110-0520 161S1
CZ-Z110-0620 131110-0620 161S2
CZ-Z110-2320 131110-2320 A3
CZ-Z110-2520 131110-2520 A5
CZ-Z110-2820 131110-2820 A8
CZ-Z110-2920 131110-2920 A9
CZ-Z110-3020 131110-3020 A10
CZ-Z110-3920 131110-3920 A20
CZ-Z110-4220 131110-4220 A23
CZ-Z110-4320 131110-4320 A24
CZ-Z110-4520 131110-4520 A26
CZ-Z110-4620 131110-4620 A27
CZ-Z110-4720 131110-4720 A28
CZ-Z110-5020 131110-5020 A31
CZ-Z110-5120 131110-5120 A32
CZ-Z110-5220 131110-5220 A33
CZ-Z110-5320 131110-5320 A35
CZ-Z110-5520 131110-5520 A36
CZ-Z110-5920 131110-5920 A40
CZ-Z110-6220 131110-6220 A43
CZ-Z110-6420 131110-6420 A45
CZ-Z110-6820 131110-6820 A49
CZ-Z110-7620 131110-7620 A57
CZ-Z110-7720 131110-7720 A58
CZ-Z110-7820 131110-7820 A59
CZ-Z110-8020 131110-8020 A61
CZ-Z110-8820 131110-8820 A69
CZ-Z110-9020 131110-9020 A71
CZ-Z110-9120 131110-9120 A72
CZ-Z110-9320 131110-9320 A74
CZ-Z110-9420 131110-9420 A75
CZ-Z110-9820 131110-9820 A79
CZ-Z160-0320 131160-0320 A84
CZ-Z160-0420 131160-0420 A85
CZ-Z160-0520 131160-0520 A86
CZ-Z160-0620 131160-0620 A87
CZ-Z160-1120 131160-1120 A92
CZ-Z160-1920 131160-1920 02A
CZ-Z160-2220 131160-2220 05A
CZ-Z160-2420 131160-2420 07A
CZ-Z160-2620 131160-2620 09A
CZ-Z160-2720 131160-2720 10A
CZ-Z160-2920 131160-2920 12A
CZ-Z160-3120 131160-3120 15A
CZ-Z160-3500 131160-3500 19A
CZ-Z160-3620 131160-3620 20A
CZ-Z160-4020 131160-4020 24A
CZ-Z160-4420 131160-4420 30A
CZ-Z160-4620 131160-4620 32A
CZ-Z160-5120 131160-5120 37A
CZ-Z160-5320 131160-5320 39A
CZ-Z160-5820 131160-5820 44A
CZ-Z110-0420 138110-0420 13A
CZ-Z430-0120 146430-0120 VE2
CZ-Z430-0320 146430-0320 VE4
CZ-Z430-1220 146430-1220 VE13
CZ-Z430-1920 146430-1920 VE2
CZ-Z430-2120 146430-2120 VE21
CZ-Z430-2420 146430-2420 VE24
CZ-Z430-3220 146430-3220 VE32
CZ-Z430-3320 146430-3320

CZ-Z430-3420 146430-3420

CZ-Z430-3920 146430-3920

CZ-Z430-4120 146430-4120

CZ-Z430-4820 146430-4820

CZ-Z430-5520 146430-5520

CZ-Z430-5920 146430-5920

CZ-Z430-6120 146430-6120

CZ-Z430-6220 146430-6220

CZ-Z430-6620 146430-6620

CHJ No. DENSO No. Stamping No.
CZ-D140-0010 090140-0010 50S5
CZ-D140-0021 090140-0021 161S1
CZ-D140-0061 090140-0061 161S2
CZ-D140-0220 090140-0220 A3
CZ-D140-0700 090140-0700 13A
CZ-D140-0780 090140-0780 A28
CZ-D140-1000 090140-1000 A20
CZ-D140-1520 090140-1520 A33
CZ-D140-1530 090140-1530 A9
CZ-D140-2350 090140-2350 A-86

We offer rebuilding service to fuel injector NSN: 2910-01-073-0124 and NSN: 4910-01-005-2850. Kindly contact Ms. Guo from our export department for
Delivery valve  131110-0320
Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system for quite a few years. Our products inclu
delivery valve 131110-5020 stamping A31
Chinahanji Power Co.,Ltd -We are a Professional manufacturer of Diesel Fuel Injection Parts, Such as Nozzle, Plunger & Barrel, and Delivery Valve
delivery valve 1 418 522 018 stamping OVE10
China Balin Power Co.,Ltd is specialized in the manufacture and export of diesel engine parts, including interrelated products, plunger, nozzle, deliv
Delivery Valve 096420-0520
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